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Things To Consider When Choosing A mechanic

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mechanic

LEXSERVICE wants to be your full service Lexus and Toyota maintenance and repair specialists in the South Bay, Torrance, Artesia and surrounding areas. We’re not interested in a single repair; we want to be your Japanese car specialist for the life of your car! Like any long-term relationship, you want someone you can trust.

One of the best ways to choose your maintenance and repair mechanic? Word of mouth!

Online sites like Yelp are good, but a great referral is golden!

Here at LEXSERVICE, our reputation as Lexus, Toyota and Japanese car specialists in the South Bay exceed expectations. Check out our Customer Testimonials or stop by and ask one of our satisfied clients as they pass through the elegant customer lounge.

Here are a few other things to consider when making that all important decision for your car:

Q: Is there a Master Technician on the premises?
A: You want to make sure that a factory-trained Master Technician is on site who provides oversight on all diagnostics, maintenance and repair jobs. One who is knowledgeable about the particular needs of older and newer models. All of the mechanics here have been mentored and trained under myself, a factory-trained Master Technician.

Q: Does the shop offer competitive prices?
A: At LEXSERVICE, we provide personalized attention, quality parts, convenience, efficiency, decades of experience, and prompt service all provided under great management at prices well below the dealerships. We at LEXSERVICE know you have a choice, but as your Lexus and Toyota auto mechanics in the South Bay, we’re confident that our boutique treatment and competitive pricing will steer you in our direction where your needs never get lost in the shuffle. 

Q: Does LEXSERVICE use genuine factory parts?
A: Quality shops use genuine factory parts. They last significantly longer and perform better. The parts at after-market stores, such as Pep Boys, may appear to be the same as those used at reputable independent shops, yet they are not! Those after-market parts are of a much lower  quality than genuine factory parts that we purchase directly from the dealerships ourselves to meet the highest quality standard the business has to offer for your vehicle.

Q: Does the shop offer a warranty on labor and parts and is the shop licensed and insured?
A: At LEXSERVICE, we stand behind our work. This means we will diagnose issues with your Lexus, Toyota, or other Japanese model vehicle, discuss your options, and make appropriate repairs. We will never make repairs that have not been approved in advance by you. In the event something is not right, you have a full year to bring it back for adjustments to the original repair at no additional cost to you. At LEXSERVICE, we are licensed and insured, so  your vehicle is protected against any unforeseen incidents.

Q: Is the auto shop a clean, professional environment?
A: The condition of the shop is an indication of the kind of care a technician provides. You should feel free to visit any shop prior to giving them your business. Here at LEXSERVICE, the technicians work in well-equipped, organized bays for optimum communication in the work area. And like a fine restaurant, you can see the mechanics in action from the comfortable lounge as you enjoy the many perks we offer like HD television with DirecTV and free Internet access to name just a few things.

Q: Are your mechanics knowledgeable in various makes and models of vehicles and the latest technology available?
A: It is critical that your mechanic understands the various systems (fuel management, smog systems, etc.) and how they interface throughout your vehicle. As Lexus, Toyota, and Japanese vehicle maintenance specialists in the South Bay, LEXSERVICE demands this of our technicians. The more they understand, the more dynamic they are in their diagnosis and problem-solving in order to repair some of the most complex and technologically advanced systems in today’s vehicles.

Q: Does your mechanic uses proper fluids for your vehicle?
A: Different parts of your car require manufacturer specific fluids; brake, transmission, anti-freeze/coolant just to name a few. LEXSERVICE never use generic over-the-counter fluids. We only use quality fluids appropriate for your vehicle and its various parts and systems.

Q: Does your mechanic have good communication skills?
A: There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing something is wrong with your vehicle, taking it to a repair shop and they can’t explain to you what’s going on. At LEXSERVICE, our technicians are artful in using plain language to explain everything from routine maintenance to the most complex repair jobs. At LEXSERVICE, we feel that the more informed you are about our work, the more you will trust us to be your long term, full service Lexus and Toyota auto repair specialists.

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