Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Updated – 21/05/2015
“I’ve been using LexService for the last 3 years after getting tired of the high costs the Lexus dealer was charging for services. I found them on Yelp and…”    Kevin D.

Updated – 25/03/2015
“With modern technology, and the ability to post reviews, there is no place to hide if you don’t provide quality and honesty. For the folks at LexService,…”   Chris G.

Updated – 10/06/2015
“Steve and Paul are great…I’ve been coming here for years…Even though I don’t live in the area anymore, I still get my Lexus serviced here at LEXSERVICE”   Lisa S.

“After feeling ripped off at the dealer, I needed someone I could trust. I found Japanese Car Clinic (Now LEXSERVICE) in the yellow pages. After speaking with Steve for a few minutes I knew I had a new home for all of my auto repairs and maintenance. From my Lexus LS to my Toyota pick-up truck, they never failed me! And I love the new shop – very comfortable and clean!” – Leah A. (since 2000)

“I don’t trust anyone else with my cars. I have owned Lexus, Mazda, Infiniti and Nissan. Steve and his guys have always made sure that my cars run great and the cost was always affordable.” – Paul A. (since 1993)

“Japanese Car Clinic (Now LEXSERVICE) provides affordable, reliable, and honest service. The work is always done the same business day so I am not without my car for very long. The technicians routinely do a full inspection of my vehicle and let me know if any other work needs to be done soon or in the near future. I really trust bringing my car for service to them because they don’t pressure you to have more done than what is needed.” – Lisa B. (since 2004)

“Having only ever taken both my Toyota and Infiniti to the dealer for service, I was a little apprehensive to trust my vehicles with an independent service provider. My fears were immediately relieved after my first visit. Japanese Car Clinic (Now LEXSERVICE) are fully licensed and use the same factory parts as the dealer does. I saved a lot of money and got better service with Steve. I will never throw my money away again.” – Lynne H. (since 2006)

“I started going to Mazda Specialties (Now LEXSERVICE) by accident because the dealership in Torrance closed down without any customer warning. As it turned out, Steve was able to fix a problem the dealership was never able to address properly! I sold my RX-7 with almost 300,000 miles on it because the guys kept such great care of my car. He also does all the work on my wife’s car, my neighbor’s cars and even works on my BMW! His talent is limitless! ” – Scott P. (since 1995)

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