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Stephen Haddad, Owner

Stephen Haddad, Owner

Steve Haddad was born and raised in the South Bay. His reputation was as the kid that would make any moped, go-cart, motorcycle or car, go a lot faster than they were designed to.

And that all began in his early teens!

That early mechanical experience in life landed him his first job in the auto repair business as a Service Technician. He quickly became a Mazda Master Technician, specializing in diagnosis and the servicing of the very complicated rotary engine of the Mazda RX-7. After ten years of working at the dealership, he decided to open his own auto repair business in 1993.

Not only was Steve servicing just cars manufactured by Mazda, he was also involved in racecar preparation and engine building! He quickly expanded his knowledge and became an expert in repairing all Japanese-made vehicles with an emphasis, in 1993, on Lexus and Toyota.

After 10 years as a Master Technician for Japanese cars, Stephen Haddad start his own business servicing the South Bay’s auto repair needs in 1993. The goal was simply to provide auto mechanic services for Japanese cars in the South Bay.

He personally manages a team that oversees, inspects, services and test drives vehicles serviced at both LEXSERVICE  locations in the South Bay and Artesia areas.

Now with almost 30 professional years in the auto service repair business, Steve Haddad knows the importance of quality automotive repair. He is aware that customers are always looking for a reliable auto repair shop that they can take their vehicle to someone they can trust for the life of the car.

In that uncertain world of auto service, Steve and his staff have earned and maintained a reputation as maintenance and repair specialists in the South Bay by being trustworthy, honest and ethical. That much is certain!

One of Steve’s hobbies is racecar driving, both professional and amateur. He is an avid enthusiast and a participant!

Steve has even been called upon to share his expertise and lecture at local colleges.

LEXSERVICE is a fully licensed and insured business to service all Japanese car makes and models in the South Bay and Artesia.

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